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Sue Corkhill 20/08/19 Dignity Champions forum

Having a great deal of trouble getting the cares to get on board with what we do as Lifestyle Lead (activity co-ordinator or whatever you are called at your home). Have put lots of things in place but still having problems. At the upcoming team meeting I am going to be giving a very short talk. I am after some points that will hit home with the cares to make them understand what I am trying to say. At the same time don't want to give a war and peace talk as they will just fall asleep.
Thank you in advance

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mike stone 20/08/19

I'm not quite sure what you are after Sue - but, I think that 'carers' could usefully read Bob's post here on DiC at

I think it is a great piece from the side of the person 'being cared for'.

Debbie Twinn 20/08/19

Hi Sue et Al,

I'm most interested in an update re. the content, delivery and successful outcome of improvements to this situation please.

Kind regards,

sharon galley 20/08/19

Hi Sue, where I work as a carer we love our activity coordinator we all think she’s amazing, and we all work together so we can give the residents the best care. Perhaps you should point out that you are a team and it’s all about our residents at the end of the day, helping the activity person to make them smile should be a priority. Good luck x

Glynis Bower 21/08/19

I am looking forward to reading what you have to say as I am new to the DiC role.
I am attending an in House training course within the next few weeks to find out what we can do to take things further for those we care for and hopefully start raising more awareness for all involved in our business and beyond.

Sue Corkhill 21/08/19

Thank you everyone for your comments and I have had other places give suggestions. I don't have to do this for another couple of weeks but will keep you posted as to the outcome. Sharon I was so pleased to read your comment and this is how it should be every where but unfortunately it isn't. As for pointing out all being in a team seems to go in one ear and out the other for a lot of carers. Watch for up dates.

Tania Hudson 21/08/19

Its such a shame to hear that staff are not getting on board with the work that you are doing. What is the barrier? Are they not supporting residents to join in?

Would it be worth doing a team exercise around hobbies and interests - maybe match carers to residents with similar interests?

I deliver 'active support' training and one exercise I do it ask the group what they've all been doing in their home life this week...I write it all up on the flip chart, dog walking, meeting friends, gym, swimming, baking, cooking, social media, taking photos, etc, etc... then on the other half of the flip chart ask what their residents have done this week. It hits home how little people do when requiring care and support.

Motivated staff who absolutely LOVE their job is what we need. Sadly they are hard to find.

Neil Purcell 21/08/19

When I was working as a support worker when taking clients out to places I would inform office of places of interest that I'd taken clients to ,this could then be put on a forum for other staff to take their clients out to.
This way of sharing gave all staff ideas for their clients to take out if they have simular interests .

Desiree Gillard 21/08/19

Hi everyone, I am the activities coordinator for Pelham House Care Home in Folkestone, I started a once a month residents vs carers challenge. Really simple games like pass the parcel, build a tower with spaghetti, eat fruit salad with a chocolate stick, toss a bag to a target on the lawn etc. It may only be something small once a month, but everyone is enjoying the interaction and enjoy having tea together after the event. Even though it is called a challenge, I make sure that everyone wins something little, a little chocolate or so.

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