COVID 19 Risk assessments for residents

Liz Taylor 12/11/20 Dignity Champions forum

We have been asked if anyone has a COVID risk assessment for residents. A quick search online hasn't revealed anything. Can anyone help- Many thnaks

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Joan Sirett 12/11/20

It depends on what COVID risk you are looking at. We have COVID R/A's for visiting, each resident risk level, environmental cleaning in a COVID +ve resident's room, doffing and donning of PPE, visor wearing for visitors, resident's laundry and visiting during the national COVID outbreak
If you would send me your email I could give you help and advice regarding these R/A's.
Joan Sirett,
Matron. Sonnet Care Homes. Essex

Rosalie Smith 19/11/20

Do they have risk assessments for Residents in extra care housing who are receiving everyday care from staff allocated office in the building, and visit a number of the frailer Residents living there several times a day?

kevin SLATER 20/11/20

Risk assessments to cover all scenarios are available from NHS England and also your local Primary Care Team. You can print off in colour, they are easy read and practical if laminated.

Rosalie Smith 20/11/20

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for that information, will look into it,


Rosalie Smith 20/11/20

Hello Joan,
Thanks for your comments. My email is [log in to view email address]
Would it be a good idea to have a risk assessment in my mum flat in Extra care housing?
My concern is a number of different staff go into her every day, and as their is no testing there it does concern me. I am in my mum bubble so I can visit her but I do find I have to be careful when staff come in,because not all come in and wash hands straight away, very kind and caring, but I generally feel do not relies the impact of this virus. .

Joan Sirett 23/11/20

I have sent you a risk assessment that may be of help to you. It is so important that anyone visiting your Mum to carry out care interventions maintains universal precautions. The concern is that your Mum is very unlikely to give a carer the COVID virus, but as they probably visit many other residents, they have a propensity to be unwittingly transmitters of the virus. If handwashing facilities and hand sanitiser are readily available with the PPE it will be more likely to be used. Hope this helps.

Rosalie Smith 23/11/20

Hi Joan,
Thank-you so much for your time and trouble in sending me this, I will be looking at it later, and when I go to see mum on Wednesday will take it with me.
I did email the area manager about staff being tested, and i felt I was being side tracked.
However I hear today via the government that home care workers will be tested, however I feel if there is not a strong manager in place will this happen, as staff will have to I am sure go somewhere for the testing.
It all seems so different with extra care housing, and I do know from talking to staff they would welcome being tested.

Derek Simpson 24/11/20

Hi Kevin do you have any links?

kevin SLATER 24/11/20

Hi Derek,
I would contact your local primary care trust for infection control for the information you may need, risk assessments will only identify the level of risk your resident may be at,so initially a Covid risk assessment for individuals would be almost generic as it would include all current infection control protocols, so really a Covid risk assessment would identify the residents level of risk but the crux of it would be a robust infection control policy that is followed to the latter by everyone that comes in to contact with that person, You could even devise your own from a blank risk assessment form, hope this of use.

Liz Taylor 25/11/20

HI Rosalie

Thought you might find the announcement below helpful

From Monday 23 November home care providers will be able to book weekly tests for their home
care staff online. All CQC-registered homecare organisations will be shortly contacted with details
about how to apply for test kits for their carers. Summary:
 All participating organisations will receive a single Unique Organisation Number (UON) to use the system. You
will need to share this number with homecare workers.
 Managers should order tests every 28 days for their home care workers
 4 tests are delivered for each homecare workers to enable a 28-day testing cycle
 Each homecare worker should be given 4 test kits every 28 days
 Every 7 days a care worker should take a test, register it online, and return it online by post between Thursday
and Sunday
 Homecare workers will receive their results in 2 to 4 days by email and text message.
A series of webinars will be hold to help support the rollout - you can sign up here.


Rosalie Smith 25/11/20

Hi Liz,
I did read about this as well, so will chase up, I did ask some care staff today where mum is and they said nothing had been mentioned to them, however I will telephone the council who the extra care housing comes under and find out if they have been on to the care provider?
Really appreciate your help
Kind regards