Attached is a PDF containing some of my thoughts about End-of-Life: a 'PDF book/booklet'

mike stone 03/04/18 Dignity Champions forum

I was exchanging 'banter' with a Palliative Care Consultant, a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing some end-of-life 'issue' and he sent 'you should write a book' - I sent back 'if you write a book, people might read it - it I write I book, it will not be read 'because I'm just a layman''.

However, every so often, I tend to create a longish PDF which contains many of the URLs to pieces I have written, or which I often point at - usually to make it easier for me to find stuff, but I decided to cobble one together as 'Mike's Little Book of Thoughts about End-of-Life'. I have attached it. I hope the hyperlinks all work correctly - I write at home, when I am offline: then when I am online in my local library, the software I use at home isn't on the library computers - I have tried to check the links, and I hope they all work, but some might not. There is quite a lot in the piece, even if you read it 'as a stand-alone piece without following any of the links'.

As usual - I'm not sure if this will 'be of any help' or not. If people read it, I hope it might 'provoke a bit of thinking' about contemporary EoL behaviour and beliefs.

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mike stone 05/04/18

I have noticed, and attempted to correct, a few minor 'typos' in v1 and I attach a version which I hope contains fewer typos (v2).

I have also added a few extra pages in 'Mike’s Little Book of Thoughts about End-of-Life v2' and one of the extra bits is 'Tina's Story' which starts on page 56. I was thinking about Tina's Story yesterday evening. I use it, to illustrate the problems which arise because despite the best-will of everyone involved, sometimes people simply 'cannot know, or be sure of, various things'. I am puzzled by something - and I was sent the e-mails describing this by Tina some years ago, so perhaps at the time I understood this, but have forgotten the explanation: Tina did say in her e-mails to me that she hadn't realised her mum 'had been put on the Liverpool Care Pathway' - in the context of what Tina told me, I'm not sure why that 'was significant'. It is possible - because we were talking to each other about wider EoL issues, I think soon after the Neuberger review of the LCP had been published, including '... and relatives often were not told of patients being 'put on' the LCP'' - that Tina included that piece of information because we had talked about the LCP (it doesn't seem to matter much, whether or not Tina knew if her mum 'was on the LCP' because Tina also made it clear that she understood the option her mum had chosen 'meant she would die in the hospital').

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mike stone 02/01/19

I wrote this piece over the end-of-year, partly prompted by some 'guidance about clinically-assisted nutrition and hydration' for laymen from the BMA/RCP, and partly because I've been reading Kathryn Mannix's book 'with the end in mind'. I had originally intended to write 2 separate pieces, but something in Kathryn's book fits in with an issue raised by the BMA/RCP guidance - the intricacy of trying to explain 'why the MCA's Best Interests is NOT 'Substituted Judgement'. So, I've included my comments about Kathryn's book, in this piece.

The internal title of the piece, is 'Who Decides What’s Best when The End is Coming?' which is the question I analyse in the PDF (and - regular readers of my stuff, especially of - will not be surprised to be told that I disagree with the BMA, etc, about the answer to that question) and I hope I've made it 'readable'.

I've tried to check the URLs, and I think they are all working.

I wasn't sure whether to put this in my thread of PDFs at or whether to add it to this 'My Book ...' thread - it could have fitted in either, but I've decided to put it here.

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mike stone 04/01/19

I have just spotted that I failed to include a hyperlink in my PDF (previous post) explaining 'why I now cry so easily' (page 9 of the PDF: 'I am often made tearful these days, by ‘things around dying’ - before my mother’s death, I would not have cried in the way that I often do now. The reason I cry, is quite complex in my opinion, and I tried to explain that in my piece here.').

The piece where I tried to explain why I 'now cry absurdly easily' [for things to do with dying and death] is at:

PS I wrote the PDF at home, and I do not have internet access at home - so I have to insert the URLs at a later stage, when I'm in a library and online, and that means I sometimes miss things.

mike stone 07/01/19

I also spotted another missing hyperlink in 'The connection between MCA Best Interests and Substituted Judgement' to my 'Father and Son' scenario/survey - it is at

I also noticed a couple of minor typos - I'm considering adding the missing hyperlinks, and correcting the typos, an a 'version 2' and posting that here (it rather depends on whether I can find the file I converted to PDF - if I've lost the file, I'm definitely not retyping the whole thing!).

mike stone 08/01/19

I have inserted the two missing hyperlinks, and also at the end of this version I point to some tweets posted by Kathryn Mannix after she had read my comments on her book in the original version of the PDF. I also point to a tweet I made, in response to Kathryn's tweets - a somewhat 'nerdy' tweet, which asks 'so where, if not on Twitter, are the issues around decision-making during end-of-life to be discussed between patients, clinicians and relatives?'.