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Shani Wallis 11/10/18 Dignity Champions forum

I have been looking at many e.g of DOLS policy and procedures but feel some are very lengthy and irrelevant to our field , could anybody direct me to a web page of simple policies yet cover everything we need , I work in a Dementia permanent residential hub which will soon be opening and looking at DOLS policy and procedure , all other policies are drafted and great to go , but this one we need in-depth but not as completed as some We have read on the web .
Any direction would be of a great help the more directions the better .

Many thanks

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mike stone 11/10/18

Almost nobody seems to like DoLS, Shani - and at some point, it is going to be altered: there is a Bill in Parliament at the moment. I've just tweeted your question at:

With luck, someone on Twitter might point you to something useful for DoLS.

mike stone 12/10/18

A few hours after my previous response, I opened a CQC newsletter in my e-mails and found one of its just-published reports - at:

The final chapter is about DoLS, and there are one or two references in it which might be of some use - I haven't followed them up, but on page 121 references 158 and 159 look as if they might be of some use, Shani? I've attached the CQC report.

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