SCIE responds to Care Quality Commission - "State of Care" report

In response to the Care Quality Commision's State of Care report, SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe said,

"We welcome the Care Quality Commission's report, which makes a critically important contribution to our knowledge of the current care system. Trust in our care and health services will be sustained if people can be confident that concerns about risks of poor or unsafe care are being identified and acted upon.

Equally important is the recognition that the vast majority of providers are meeting required standards, and that is encouraging. It is so vital that, as the report says, workers carry out their duties focusing on the individual, rather than relying on "task-based" working practices. This is true in both social care and health settings. People who use services do not see the two systems as different. They just want good-quality, personalised, care and support.

Our aim must be to improve the lives and experiences of the people we all serve. At SCIE have a wealth of resources, including the Dignity Guide, to help providers and commissioners of services deliver improved services. Examples of good practice are highlighted on our Social Care TV web pages. Recent new additions cover; integrated care in Sheffield supporting young people moving from child to adult mental health services; dignified approaches to End of Life Care; and how users and carers can make a positive contribution to social work training."

Jan Burns, Co-Chair of the National Dignity Council said,

"Given the news today from CQC, it is important that we Dignity Champions consistently keep up the commitment to promote and respect everyone's dignity at all times."