With Dignity, from Hayley Grant

What is actually happening to me?
ho does really care?
My mind seems in a jumble
And people stop and stare.

The days are just a mingle,
I struggle with night and day.
ying ones shoelaces is now beyond reach.
I wish I could regain my ways.

I used to organise this and that,
I used to organise my home.
ut finding things in different places
And not realising what I have done.

But I can recall from yonder years
And I can dance as if I was young.
hose steps will never leave this body
Until my time on this planet has gone.

But all is not lost with the care I receive,
Family and friends be as one.
For they take their time to help with my needs.
I can’t wait for the next visit to come.

So please be patient and please be kind,
For I don’t understand.
Please take time and please encourage
And help me live my life.

With Dignity

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