The Dignity Tree, a poem by Sheryl Parkman

Sheryl Parkman, Assistant Manager at Polars Residential Home, says: "I have written a poem to support the Dignity tree they we have built in our home. The idea is that now the tree is there residents, families, visitors and staff will write on a leaf their own ideas of what dignity and respect means to them. I hope you enjoy the poem."

The Dignity Tree

I'm planting my first seed today
The seed of dignity
In time you'll see my seed will grow
And grow into a tree

A tree fulfilled with knowledge
A plant for all to see
What being a dignity champion
Really means to me

It's a leaf with an idea on
It's an idea I'd like to share
It's an inspirational idea
It's a leaf to show I care

The tree will always be there
Long after I have gone
To stand up for dignity in care
A challenge to be won

I know you will support me
And I know you'll love the tree
It's not just a tree you know
It's what dignity means to me