The Dignity Debate

Report by Lesley Butcher Lecturer in Adult Nursing at Cardiff University

I launched a competition titled ‘The Dignity Debate’ which is open to undergraduate students of all disciplines within the school of healthcare sciences. This was to raise awareness of National Dignity in Action Day and to promote understandings of dignity in care.  

Students were asked to comment on a pre-written scenario about a dignity-related concern in relation to a lady who lives with dementia in a care home. The response was requested in the form of a 300-400-word written opinion piece or audio/video response of 1-2 minutes.  I have attached the advertisement.

We had 25 entries to the competition and we are in the process of deciding upon the winners. I was pleased to receive responses from students from a wide range of disciplines: 

I hope you find these of interest. They differ a bit from the usual activities but students of healthcare found them interesting, fun and engaging. 

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