Stoke on Trent Dignity Work

Stoke on Trent have implemented the 'It's My Life Training Strategy' and Life Biography Work....

Adult Social Care and Health launched in April 2008 the "It's My Life" training strategy. The strategy underpins over 11,000 training places delivered to the workforce in 2008/09, equipping staff with the necessary skills and behaviours required to deliver excellent outcomes for all our customers. The launch of the strategy resulted in a rebranding of all existing training resources and a publicity campaign of posters, leaflets and overview sessions for managers. "It's My Life" places the customer at the heart of the service from eating to bathing to sleeping and how people may want to spend their time inbetween......after all "whose life is it anyway?"

Life Biography Work undertaken by Adult Social care working in partnership with Keele Univeristy are exploring the benefits of planning and delivering person centred care and meaningful occupational support of older people with dementia, based on biographical assessment and awareness of life history. The project, which also provides practice placement opportunities for social work students, works with staff, residents, family members and carers to develop skills and behaviours through a series of workshops and self-directed activities. The project will be evaluated in August 09 and a series of training resources and toolkits will then be made available across services for older people.