Resident at care home helps in interviewing process

Care Manager Kim Hurst decided to invite resident Alison Mitchell to help interview prospective new staff.

Alison Mitchell has lived at Highroyd Residential Home in Huddersfield for two years, when care manager Kim Hirst suggesed that Alison play an active role within the home.

Alison, with the help of Kim; put together questions from the residents point of view for interviewing new staff members.

New nightstaff were needed recently and Alison played an active part in interviewing candidates. Alisons opinnions and sugestions were taken into account in the recruitment of Raeffaella Catone for this position.

Raeffaella is thrilled that residents are given the opportunity to have a say in the recruitment and thanked Alison & Kim for the chance to work at Highroyd.

Alison commented "I was very nervous at first but soon got used to it, I read my questions out and listened to the answers. Raffaella stood out and is very nice"

Manager Kim Hirst stated that "this home is for our residents and at the end of the day carers are very important and the residents should have a say in who is going to look after them, Alison is a very active resident within the home and has agreed if we have employment vacancies in the future she is more that happy to assist on interviews."

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