Promoting Dignity at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust

'The Trauma Unit nursing team at Pinderfields General Hospital organised a Dignity in Care Promotion week on 24 September. A stall was set up providing dignity information cards, badges and suggestion cards for every one to write down "what dignity meant to them". We received 268 Dignity suggestions, which were passed on to our Chief Nurse and fed back to the nursing teams.

We also organised a Dignity Conference incorporating excellent and inspiring dignity focused presentations from most specialities across the Trust. We even included simulated patient experiences from the CRAGRATS, as well as using our own "budding" actors from the Trauma Unit. Sixty-eight people attended on the day, ranging from Student nurses, HCA's, Registered nurses, Matrons, nursing directorate and members of the Patient and Public Involvement group.

At Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust we continually monitor our practice by providing monthly, Dignity Focused patient questionnaires, and act on views and concerns raised by our patients. Recent examples of this being:

  • the introduction of an extra tape on the waist of theatre gowns to protect patients modesty; and
  • the introduction of "Do Not Disturb" signs, attached to patients bed curtains, to respect Dignity, modesty and privacy.

As Trauma Unit manager, I am proud to be part of a nursing culture which "goes back to basics" and really looks at the fundamental aspects of care, with Dignity.

By Anita Ruckledge, Trauma Unit Manager, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust