Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust

The Skills Trainer for delivering Dignity & Respect was appointed in January 2008 to provide teaching sessions to AfC Bands 1 - 4 is responsible, primarily, for the delivery of training around the core topics of customer care, privacy, dignity and respect as well as equality and diversity to the Trust's non registered workforce.

  • Interactive sessions have been held at all the Trust's sites covering:
  • Are we polite and courteous even when under pressure?
  • Are we caring for people and supporting them rather than 'doing tasks'?
  • Do we treat each person as an individual by offering a personalised service?
  • Do we enable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control?
  • Do we listen and support people to express their needs and wants?
  • Are we respecting people's right to privacy?
  • Do we actively promote individual confidentiality, privacy and protection of modesty?

The Trust has also sponsored a conference (5th September 08) entitled "Taking Inspiration from Patients" attended by nearly 100 staff; the day was centred on dignity in care (please contact Lindsay Eavis.

An Equality and Diversity summit was also held by the Trust (23rd July 08), where national and local leaders celebrated the opportunities provided by a diverse workforce - very much about dignity in employment (please contact Angela Wood

Contact: Victor Crumbleholme, Associate Director of Nursing. Tel: 01672 02229.