NHS Institute and Dignity

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement supports the NHS in transforming healthcare for patients and the public by rapidly developing and spreading new ways of working, new technology and world-class leadership

The "Quality and Value" programme is particularly relevant to dignity in care. Within that programme the following may be of particular interest to staff working in NHS Trusts:

Privacy and dignity which includes guidance to help trusts to understand what is meant by compliance with single-sex accommodation definitions.

It will also provide evidence that can be used to:

  • improve performance at ward, site and trust levels
  • identify areas for celebration, and for improvement
  • inform patients and the public about available services
  • support trust declarations on compliance with Standards for Better Healthcare
  • support trusts to comply with the Equality Act 2006

Releasing Time to Care -The Productive Ward focuses on improving ward processes and environments to help nurses and therapists spend more time on patient care thereby improving safety and efficiency.


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