Louise Childs Dignity Champion of the month January 2012

Halina Morton tells us in her own words why she is nominating Louise Childs for Dignity Champion of the month.

"My dignity champion of the month would go to our Activities Coordinator Louise Childs because she is so good with all our residents. One day she had taken eight residents to the beach in the mini bus (with help). Whilst at the beach café someone asked her what home she and the residents were from and she told them without thinking anything else about it. Those people found out the number of our home and phoned us up and told us how well our residents were treated in the café. They were given choices of different flavoured ice creams, and choices of tea or coffee and snacks. It wasn't just assumed that they would all want vanilla ice cream and a cup of tea! The people felt that because the residents were able to make their own choices, they were treated with care and dignity. These people did not come from Cornwall; they were down on holiday from Yorkshire. And this is not the first time it has happened. We of course think Louise is the best, but when other people tell us we know we are right."

Thank you Halina for sharing your story.