Lorraine Oswick, Community Inclusion Facilitator for Learning Disabilities

Lorraine Oswick is a Community Inclusion Facilitator for Learning Disabilities in Stowmarket. Lorraine has been recognised for excellent service and ability to provide dignity in care.

One excellent example of Lorraine's work is that the person she first supported is now a different man, he has changed from having very little motivation to initiate communication or interact with others to someone who can not wait to share his news with others. He now has a communication book and asks everyone to write in it, it is evident that he can read the entries as he looks back at pages to show you the relevant information. His verbal speech has improved dramatically and he will make sure that he gets his message across

Another excellent example of Lorraines achievements; Lorraine worked closely with a young lady that would display challenging behaviour at times but Lorraine has an innate ability to find the person inside. When this lady first came went to the Centre the cook at the time was unsure and wary of being around her. Lorraine supported her to interact positively with this lady and to get to know her and feel more confident. This person felt valued and liked and loved going to see the cook.

One service use said:

Alyson: "Lorraine was a good friend. She helped me a lot. She helped me move into my flat and to become independent."

Lorraine also received a heartfelt letter of thanks from Alyson's sister for all the support she had given Alyson - describing her as 'their angel'.

Lorraine was the well deserved winner of the Suffolk Dignity in Care Awards 2009.

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