Laundry identification system in care homes

As part of Nottingham City Council's drive to promote Dignity in Care, the use of a new laundry identification system called 'Stayput' has been piloted in Care Homes for Older People. All 142 residents across five specialist dementia units in Nottingham will benefit from this initative.

Nottingahm are the first local authority in the Country to use this system. The system works using radio frequency identification buttons which are fixed to residents clothing, the buttons are programmed so that once scanned using a handheld computer staff can easily see who the item belongs to. This has reduced the need for families / residents to write names in their clothes and also has significantly reduced the amount of clothing that gets lost in the units. This system has helped to reassure residents and their carers that their belongings are being dealt with sensitively. The pilot has been a success with relatives / residents.

If residents see or believe someone else is wearing their clothing in error it can cause confusion and distress to people with dementia and their families. RFID technology will be used to securely store data relating to individual residents, to ensure all clothing can be identified and returned correctly. The buttons store specific requirements, ensuring individual needs are met discreetly and efficiently, and at the same time freeing up more staff time to focus on care delivery.