Kara Gratton, Care & Development Manager for Milford Care

I am Kara Gratton, Care & Development Manager for Milford Care. We have 4 homes in our group and about to open number 5 in the next month. I have registered as dignity champion for the group and through the development of care services, which is a major part of my role put the dignity challenge at the top of our agenda.

Dignity is paramount to us in our care services we are constantly evolving. We have developed over the last two years different ways of ensuring our residents are central to everything we do. Residents within all our homes now take active part in interviewing staff, choosing the menus and this year some of our residents spoke at the national care home conference for care homes in Birmingham, about their experiences of being involved in the running of their home.

So far I have completed the following: I attend the dignity challenge conference in London on Thursday 3rd April 2008. All staff within our group have received their own dignity challenge cards and have signed up to say the will abide to the 10 dignity challenges at all times. Managers are discussing the dignity challenge and the role of the dignity champion in their staff meetings and supervisions. The dignity campaign has been written into our induction training, with all new staff receiving the dignity challenge cards.

Kara Gratton, Care & Development Manager, Milford Care