Eastern Case study 6 - About Me

Carewatch have developed a document titled 'About Me'. It is introduced to the people that we visit in their own homes, as part of their initial assessment. 'About Me' is a written record of what really matters to the people that we visit, and is available to all staff members as the first page of every care plan.

Some record feelings and statements as simple as 'I like my tea really milky' or 'I filter all of my drinking water' ... another lady has written "I like to sit in my kitchen most afternoons and watch the birds the birds through the window, I love the robin; please remember to open my blinds because I may forget to ask!"

Little things that really matter, and make so much difference to a person and the day ahead, and to their feelings of well being.

For more information go to www.carewatchessex.co.uk