Eastern Case Study 2 - Support systems for family carers and care workers

Phyllis is an 82 year old lady who lives in her own home, and is fiercely independent. Phyllis was diagnosed with vascular dementia about three years ago and her family members were getting worried about her lack of attention to her appearance personal hygiene; Phyllis had always been a well presented lady that took pride in the way that she looked and dressed. Carewatch were asked to provide a daily call every morning to encourage personal care. Lisa had undertaken specific training in understanding dementia and the behaviours that are commonly displayed; she was placed with Phyllis as a regular care worker.

Lisa spent the first two or three weeks attending six days out of seven, learning and observing every thing that she could... but never managing to encourage Phyllis even near the bathroom. After four weeks family members contacted Carewatch to say that they had not seen an improvement, a meeting was arranged with the family, Lisa and the Dementia Champion.

Within an hour the family had a much better insight into vascular dementia, and some behaviours were explained, and in most cases justified. Nine months down the line the family members remain in touch with Lisa and the Dementia Champion on a weekly basis, usually by phone... and most importantly, Phyllis is managing her own personal care, every morning that Lisa is there. Phyllis's family members feel supported and are now happy around her... they understand.

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