East Lancashire Primary Care Trust

East Lancashire PCT looks at dignity across all age groups from birth onwards, not just focused on older people.

I led on the Benchmarking of Privacy and Dignity (having adapted the Essence of Care tool) in 2006/7 working across 18 of our community services within service provision and with considerable public representation working as equal partners on the group. We significantly developed the benchmark, formulated an audit tool including 8 different audit sources (service users as the central source), audited practice, shared and learnt from each other and the public, services developed action plans and made the changes (some within the services and some across the directorate). This is an ongoing process and thus incorporating it with the dignity in care agenda I have developed a directorate Dignity Champions Network which coordinates the work across 30 community services who all work together, with our public representatives, to share and learn and move the agenda forward.

The work has been recognized nationally and internationally:



  • Health & Social Care - finalist.
  • Acorn Awards - commended finalist.


  • Impact on Primary Care - finalist.


  • 'Excellence in Practice', East Lancs PCT annual awards - finalist.



  • International Forum on Quality and Safety in Health Care - 'Show and Tell' session.



  • 'Recognition of Excellence in Public Services' reception with Mr Tony Blair (as Prime Minister).

Contact: Jacqueline Martin, Clinical Improvement Facilitator. Tel: 01254 380450. jacqueline.martin@eastlancspct.nhs.uk