Dignity - How we don't do it here

The following poem was written by Donna Bennett from Senior Health Care Assistant, Watford Stroke Unit, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dignity - How we don't do it here

Excuse me nurse my mum needs a hand

She needs the toilet not a bedpan.

Not again she's just done a wee

She will have to wait I'm busy you see.

Excuse me nurse its my mum she's bursting,

its driving her mad

Just tell her to do it she's wearing a pad.

My poor mum she's in such a state

I wouldn't wish this on my worst mate.

Excuse me nurse my mum is all wet

She's very embarrassed and so upset.

The nurse replied with a disgruntled huff

For heavens sake I'll get the stuff.

Excuse me nurse can you close the curtain

The visitors can see in that's for certain.

My poor mum is laid there

Totally naked completely bare.

Excuse me nurse we need a chat

In a minute I'll be right back.

The nurse I discovered had gone to tea

Not bothered she'd stripped mum

of her dignity.

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