Dignity Challenge Poem

Vicki Lines, Senior Staff Nurse submitted this poem to the Nursing Times

The 'Dignity Challenge' is highlighted in this verse,

To enable you, on cardiac Wards, to become a better nurse.

Sign up to the challenge and make it a personal fight,

Being treated with dignity is a basic human right.

It's simple really; it's providing the essentials of care,

Treating patients as individuals and being there.

Treat all patients with respect, as you would treat your mother,

Don't treat them as just a bed number or as a an other.

Don't ignore and talk over them as if they are not here,

Learn and remember their name, they're not honey, cutie or dear.

Don't let the infamous gowns expose them for all to see,

Cover them up; wrap them up with a dose of respect and dignity.

Protect the meal times, so patients can enjoy what they eat,

Trying to do this with nebulisers on is no mean feat.

Be a role model to the students, practice what you preach,

Make sure the patients are sat up and their food is in easy reach.

Give a patient a dirty commode, shows you just don't care,

Err! Think of all those nasty germs that lurk on and beneath there.

If you don't want your bottom to be in contact with that,

What makes you think a patient upon that would want to be sat?

Dignity isn't just for patients; it's also for staff,

At work, we have feelings too, we all have a cry and a laugh.

We are all here to work, but treat your colleague as a friend,

Say "Good morning, how's your day?" and a "Thank you" at the days end

In fact it really is easy if you only but try,

Why we have to highlight dignity, we have to ask but why?

It doesn't take brain power brawn or muscle,

Just do not let it get lost in all the day to day hustle.

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