Dignity Action Day by Adam Probert

We extend the hand of friendship to all those we meet and see,
And bask in their savoured presence as we sip the digni-tea
We while away the hours reminiscing about how our campaign grew
Creating treasured memories with kindred spirits, some old and others new
We chuckle about our gripes and how some like to nag
We leave feeling invigorated the proof is found in crumbs and stewed teabags
We storm inequality's beaches our d-day fight amongst the dunes,
Then take our battle to the skies one hundred words nestling inside balloons
We celebrate our campaigners but they disseminate not for praise
Our affirmative action lasts not 24 hours but 365 days.
So let's make today our springboard, hang the banners, wave the flags
And for the next twelve months ensure out momentum never lags
So join me in the solemn oath, this long abiding pact,
Its not just about what we say and hear,
But what we do and how we act.
A word can be said idly but don't underestimate its value and wealth,
I know what it means to me but what might it mean to someone else?

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