Caroline England - Northamptonshire County Council

I am a day service co ordinator for Nottinghamshire County Council. We work with people who have a learning disability and receive a service from Nottinghamshire County Council. Our role is to create opportunities for people to lead full, purposeful and enjoyable lives and offer information to enable service users to make choices about what they want to do during the day. We also help service users to gain support and put together in action plan to look at new opportunities and get access to them where possible.

Within the adult social care and health department we use person centred approaches in all areas of work, the key areas of empowerment, choice, inclusion, rights, control and life dovetail clearly with the Dignity Challenge. Having recently become a dignity champion I have given our team members a copy of the dignity challenge to serve as a reminder of the '10 commandments' when working with service users. We are also going to look at each of the ten in turn and concentrate on ensuring the challenge is covered in the work that we do. I am also going to take the dignity challenge out to day services to promote amongst the team members there.

Caroline England, Day Service Coordinator, Nottinghamshire County Council