Bench by Th'Owd Squeaky Gate

Translated into the local Lancashire dialect as spoken in 1979 by Golborne House Residential Care Home Residents, Poets Corner

Theer's a bench by an owd squeaky gate in't town
Weer't miners sat all't time, when not darn't mine
They'd sit all day even when't day were gray
Even when theer was nowt to say
They would talk abaht theer families and jobs dahn't mine
Thee even wint theer sometahms with't wives und kids.

Talked abaht rugby and all sooerts o' things
Allus laughing and joking, having good times
Was e'en talk o' leaving a wahm bed to go dahn't mine
And waiting all day for't come up und si't sunshine
Yea wi sat on't bench und we laughed und we cried.

One day ah went to't bench bah th'owd squeaky gate
Ah sat theer for hours wi no sign o' mi mates
Then lad's wife came und sat dahn und scriked
I knew straightaway theer were't trouble dahn't mine
My ony thowts were of dirty faces and cheeky grins
As tears for't men fell dahn mi chin.

Now I sit alone on't bench by owd squeaky gate
I talk to mesel and think on mi mates
But I know where they are, thi towd me, you see
On a seat by a big shiny gate in Heaven, waiting fo me
An when thi si mi coming, I'll say "sorry am late,”
“Ah needed a last look at bench by th'owd squeaky gate.”

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