A Sure Start to Later Life: Ending Inequalities for Older People

The experience of exclusion is not unique to older people - it affects people of all ages. However, exclusion can be particularly acute in later life for three reasons.

  • it is all too rare that people who are excluded in mid-life are able to break the cycle of exclusion in later life, indeed it can often become more acute.
  • the impact of key life events, such as bereavement, can lead people to become excluded in later life.
  • the impact of age discrimination on both the aspirations of individuals and the environment within which they operate can lead to exclusion.

Too often this exclusion is compounded by the failure of services to react to the complexity of exclusion in later life. This is why we need a more responsive model for services for older people that addresses these needs.

A Sure Start To Later Life seeks to address these problems.


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