2008 Regional Award winner of the Health and Social Care Award for Dignity in Care

Beverley Hallpike, Nurse Consultant - Dementia Care, Kingfisher House, Norwich

My name is Bev Hallpike, I am a Nurse Consultant in dementia care. I work for Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust and my work spans older adults as well as younger people with dementia. I am also the clinical lead for a nurse led CMHT for working age adults with young onset dementia. In 2007 I won the national award - Queen's Nursing Institute/Alzheimer's Society Excellence in Dementia Care Award. The project promoted 'protected patient engagement time' which not only secured a relaxed and socialising mealtime experience for the patients, but also provided opportunities for staff to give 'one to one' time to patients. During mealtimes staff focus attention on the concerns and needs of the patients with a view to restoring/maintaining their dignity and respect. Patients need to be given the support that will enable them to lead as normal and healthy a life as possible in spite of suffering a degenerative condition. It also enables staff to utilise the' therapeutic use of self' and empower the patient to work collaboratively in ensuring their needs are met. As an advocate for championing the dignity of patients, I am working to roll out the project to older people services and provide further training for staff in life history profiles and aromatherapy hand and foot massage both locally and nationally.

The recent patient feedback so far has been positively encouraging and with the use of dementia care mapping, has provided further evidence that we are moving in the right direction. If you require further details about this project, please feel free to contact me via the details below.

Beverley Hallpike
Nurse Consultant-Dementia Care
Rm 42 Kingfisher Hse
Wensum Meadows
Off Hospital Lane

Tel: 01603 421686
Fax: 01603 421255
Email: beverley.hallpike@nwmhp.nhs.uk