Your top three dignity in care issues - have your say

The survey results so far show that champions believe these are the top three priority dignity in care themes that should be addressed.

  • People are often not listened to or treated as an individual
  • People need stimulating activities and a sense of purpose (when in a care home or at home alone)
  • People need more autonomy and choice in their daily routines and surroundings

The full results are below for you to see. If you think any of the other options listed below are more important than you need to give us your opinion by completing the two minute survey. Dignity in care affects everyone so it isn't just champions that we want to complete this survey. If you think that a friend or relative would be interested in giving their view then you can also ask them to complete the survey.

Other subjects you can vote for include:

  • issues surrounding complaints
  • appearance
  • language barriers
  • engagement with family member and carers
  • respect of staff members
  • mealtime assistance
  • privacy when providing care
  • bathroom facilities and use of commodes
  • how people are addressed
  • mixed sex facilities
  • advocacy services
  • discomfort and pain

The survey will close of December 18th, so have your say now just simply click the

link from the homepage. This is your opportunity to tell us what issues you think the dignity in care campaign should be addressing.

Responses so far:

Dignity issues results so far