Why I Am A Dignity Champion

There are lots of reasons why people become champions, and some of these have been recorded on the website when people have signed up. Others have come through the email system or been mentioned as we have attended champions events. We include one below in the hope that it will remind you of the ways in which your reasons for being a champion can inspire others.

I am a dignity champion because I believe that the rights, choices, privacy and respect for each individual in my care or anyone else's care are important.

I feel that each person should be treated as the individuals that they are, we must always remember no two people are the same and no two people are cared for the same. Each individual has different needs and different ways in which they wish to be cared for.

We must all remember that each individual has a past, has achievements, has interests and hobbies, they have sometimes been through things that we could never imagine.

To look after each person to the best of our ability we need to take the time to know that person. We should know what their beliefs are, what they like and dislike, what their life history is (without being to invasive), we should know how their daily routine would of run if they were at home and we should do the best we can to keep their routine how they would of had it.

Person centred care is important and we need to enforce this with each and every person. We need to keep their self esteem on a high. sometimes its the littlest things that can brighten a persons day up.