What's The Big Idea On The Menu? B.I.G. Ideas Winner - Launched During National Vegetarian Week"

Here at Dignity in Care, we feel that we need to think differently and find new, better ways of doing things if our health and social care services are to meet the Dignity Challenge we face in the future.

"Food for All" who were a recent winner in our Bright Ideas Grant competition have now started work on their award winning project. You can find out more and see how you can get latest updates on their work and help keep an eye on progress of both this project and other winners by clicking on the weblink below.

The B.I.G. Ideas project was based on the knowledge that everyday people working in, using or visiting care services, have bright ideas, often about very simple things that could be changed or done differently, but they rarely get the chance to test them out. B.I.G had a £50K fund to distribute whuch was aimed at helping unlock the potential of those small ideas and giving people the helping hand they need to prove their idea works and share it widely

The 'Food For All' initiative has been celebrated in style by the Vegetarian Society which launched 'Food For All', a vegetarian skills and awareness master class over National Vegetarian Week over 24th - 30th May. The master class aims to help hospitals expand their catering options and improve the quality of vegetarian food offered.

Supported by NHS North West and the North West Joint Improvement Partnership, the Vegetarian Society have piloting their 'Food For All' classes in five NHS organisations across the region. Annette Pinner, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society commented: "The 'Food For All' Vegetarian master class is a fantastic opportunity for the Vegetarian Society to really showcase how rich and diverse vegetarian food can be. We will be giving cooking demonstrations to five NHS organisations in the North West demonstrating how to cook nutritious and affordable vegetarian meals and raising awareness about the need for varied and nutritiously balanced hospital menus."

Dignity Champions can help either this or other B.I.G. Ideas by offering your help to ideas needing a helping hand, commenting on an idea to help improve it's chances of being a success and spreading the word to your family, friends and colleagues

The Team here at Dignity in Care are very aware of the importance of freedom of choice for the individual in the matter of diet, and welcome this provision to enable healthcare professionals to become better informed in the matter of catering to religious and individual need whilst concentrating on good nutrition

For more information on Food For All at the B.I.G. Ideas website, please go to the link below:-