WRVS: positive about age, practical about life

It's pretty shocking that one in three older people find it difficult to get to where they want to go. No car, no bus, no options, left stranded at home.

Our WRVS community transport teams have ended isolation for thousands of older people.

"Getting a lift twice a week means the world to me. I love joining in whatever's going on. It's my community and I'd be lost without it." Iris

You can help give older people a lift by donating £12 to our appeal or joining us as avolunteer online today. You can do this at www.giveusalift.org.uk

Follow us on twitter to see how you could win a nifty little flip camera during this campaign.

£12 could enable a WRVS volunteer driver to provide minibus transport for 12 older people so they can go shopping, get to the doctors or meet up with friends.

Thank you for supporting the work of WRVS.