The National Dignity Council welcomes the clear recommendations from the Commission on Dignity in Care for Older People

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DATE: 19 JULY 2012

The National Dignity Council welcomes the publication of the report of the Commission on Dignity in Care for Older People. It notes with concern that there are still large areas that need attention in the care of older people in health and social care settings, but welcomes that recognition of those circumstances where staff are working with users of services to improve their experiences and to incorporate dignity and compassion as central themes to service delivery.

The Council welcomes the clear recommendations contained within the report and the identification of the need to develop a similarly clear action and implementation plan.
We look forward to working with the Commission on developing that action and implementation plan. With over 38,000 Dignity Champions, the Council and the Dignity Champions network are a considerable resource that could be mobilised to achieve positive outcomes for those accessing health and social care services. Developing and sharing good practice must be a significant part of any action plan.


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Notes to editors:
What is a Dignity Champion?
A Dignity Champion is someone who believes passionately that being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra. They believe that all care must be compassionate, person centred, as well as efficient, and are willing to do something to achieve this. So far, over 36,000 people have signed up to be Dignity Champions, all pledging to challenge poor care, to act as good role models and, through specific guidelines issued by the campaign, to educate and inform all those working around them.

About The National Dignity Council
Formerly known as The Dignity Partnership Board, the Council currently meets every two months to shape and influence the work of the Dignity in Care Network, and to campaign and support Dignity Champions. The Council is made up of an enthusiastic group of representatives from various bodies including Health and Social Care organisations.