We know how disappointed Dignity Champions have been at the loss of the Dignity Challenge Cards, and are pleased to say that we now have agreement to print more cards with a quote from our new Care Services Minister, Paul Burstow MP. The new cards should be available to order from early July.

When the cards disappeared for a time we missed them too - they are a brilliant resource for the 10 point dignity challenge - but we were surprised to hear how much our champions wanted them back. We knew that they were good, but what we didn't know until you told us was how good.

Please find below some quotes from some unnamed champions that clued us in to how you were all feeling - if you feel the need to tell us more from your personal point of view then just email us at the contact given on the website.

Champion Card Quotes

"The proper nursing staff can be really unpleasant - they say "you're not important, you just shovel in food and wipe bums." I don't like the way they talk. I started wearing my badge and carrying my card all the time - if I don't like what they're doing then I show them the card and talk about the ten points - they can't argue with the card. It makes me feel powerful enough to challenge things. Being a dignity champion makes me feel good, and having my little card gives me some dignity too."

"We'll miss the cards - the staff love them. They're easy to keep clean in a care environment, and they give a clear direction of what we expect of our dignity champions. Some of can struggle to multi task or remember things - the card lists things out - the staff get together and discuss the ten points and come up with ideas to make things better. "

"I work with teenagers with special needs - they can be real difficult. I showed them the card and we talked about it - they have rights but so do I. I shouldn't get sworn at and spat on. We rub along better now - we all have a right to our dignity"

"The old people I help look after love the cards - I've got through a few, they're always wandering off with them. They like knowing that someone's standing up for their rights - they love the idea that someone's standing up for them, that they've written it all down and stuck it in a card. A couple of them even borrowed the computer and looked at the website - they were well impressed. They had thought that nobody cared for them, see, that they were invisible - written off. They thought they didn't count"

"I don't read well. My friend recorded the ten points off the card onto my mobile phone and I kept listening and saying them over. I know them all now. I can look at the card and feel like I'm reading from it. We (the dignity champions) get together in our break and discuss it (the card). We're all involved. I know what it says."

"The card makes me part of a team - I keep it in my pocket, just look at it if things are difficult. Now that the bosses won't have it you feel that you can argue back if you see things you don't like - I wear my badge and show around the card. If you see something you don't like you can challenge them - flash the card like a police lady. You say "don't do that - see - the card says you're not to - the boss says you're not to - perhaps you should have a little dignity yourself" That's what I say. I tell them straight - now we have the cards they can't say they didn't know."

"I know I'm not clever - no exams and I'm not a proper nurse - but I feel like I do some good. Now I'm a champion I feel proud - like I count for something. I carry my card and keep it in my pocket - read it during my shift - it says that I'm a champion - I know that I matter. Its great to know that there are lots of us doing this stuff, sticking up for people.".

"As a manager I see the staff with the cards - they keep them in their uniform pockets - keep touching them like some sort of talisman. I asked why - why is that important? They say it makes them feel important - makes them count for something. The campaign is really good - makes people think of the way that they behave to the old ladies and gentlemen. And to each other, actually"