Subsidised Caterer Training

Vegetarian for Life is planning to introduce subsidised training - in catering for vegetarians and vegans - in conjuction with the renowned Cordon Vert Cookery School of the Vegetarian Society. The first full-day course will be run in the Cotswolds, in June, in the kitchens of one of the UK List members, Elizabeth Finn Care Homes. Future courses may be hosted by other care homes, or run at Cordon Vert, in Altrincham, or in other kitchens in different parts of the UK. The course fee will be subsidised by VfL and is expected to be £25 per person, including lunch. Initially training will be limited to members of VfL's UK list but this is free of charge to join, it just requires a committment to our code of practice. Further information on the UK List, the work of our charity and an application to join the list can be obtained from the Vegetarian for Life website or by contacting Tina Fox on or calling 0151 608 1595 (office hours only please).