Same Sex Accomodation- facilitators guide soon to be launched.

NHS staff interested in delivering same sex accommodation will soon be bought a new guide to help you facilitate sessions with other staff members. The guide aims to define guidance, increase understanding and help overcome challenges.

Who is this pack for?

This pack is for NHS staff who want to facilitate sessions with their teams or colleagues on same-sex accommodation, particularly matrons, ward managers, ward sisters, medical managers and dignity champions.

The training sessions are aimed at frontline staff, from doctors, nurses and bed managers to estates staff, healthcare assistants, cleaners and porters.

What is its aim?

This pack provides resources you can use to facilitate a session in your team or departmental meetings, or as a dedicated training or induction session.

The aims of the training sessions are to:

• clarify definitions and guidance around same-sex accommodation;

• increase understanding of the importance of same-sex accommodation;

• help staff overcome challenges to delivering same-sex accommodation; and

• help staff communicate with patients about same-sex accommodation.

What's inside the pack?

• A CD

• A Facilitator's guide book

• 12 copies of the Delivering same-sex accommodation 'pocket guide'

Optional: A DVD for staff is available. This DVD explains why same-sex accommodation

matters to patients, clarifies the guidance and showcases examples of how it can be achieved.

Elements of the DVD are embedded within module 2.

How should the pack be used?


The CD contains all the PowerPoint slides you'll need to deliver each of the four modules:

1. What is same-sex accommodation?

2. Why same-sex accommodation matters

3. Overcoming key challenges to delivering same-sex accommodation

4. Communicating with patients

You may want to adapt the slides to tailor the training to your audience.

Using the facilitator's resource pack for acute trusts

Facilitator's guide book

This guide book contains everything you need to plan your training session, including:

• suggested script for delivering the content covered in the PowerPoint slides;

• background information you should read before delivering the session;

• step-by-step instructions on how to facilitate the interactive exercises; and

• handouts to accompany the interactive exercises.

Pocket guide

The pocket guide explains why same-sex accommodation matters and gives inspiration for staff on how they can make a difference. As it reinforces many of the ideas visited in the training, we recommend you give copies to participants to take away at the end of the session.

Planning your training session

Each module can be delivered either on its own, or in combination with one of the other modules

The delivering same sex accommodation team are also running two more web seminars for champions to attend. These will be held on

9:30am - 10:45am on Thursday 25th February

and will be repeated at:

9:30am - 10:45am on Wednesday 10th March

These web seminars will introduce the guide further.