Salford Council embraces the campaign

In March 2010, Salford Council brought together members of the Salford Care Training Partnership, service users and staff to sign up to the Dignity Challenge in Salford.They launched a range of tools and useful resources for use locally.

These include:

Dignity Audit Tool

This is a simple downloadable tool that can be used in a variety of ways to benchmark where an organisation sits in relation to the dignity tests and provides an opportunity to identify appropriate action to make improvements where necessary.


The council shared a couple of examples of poetry that people could use for training purposes and raising awareness. They suggested as an activity, people could add to this collection by asking those they provide care for, to write their own poetry or thoughts about what is important to them and how they would like to be treated. They also suggested local poster competitions.

A copy of My Treasures can be downloaded below. This is a poem written by a Salford resident, who wanted to explain how those little knick knacks, that don't seem to be worth much to anyone else, are so important to the person who owns them and should be treated accordingly.

The Salford City Council values and behaviours.

The city council has agreed a set of values that represent what the council stands for. These values will become central to the way staff in the council will communicate and behave in the future.

They have made these available as a downloadable document (see bottom of first link below) to local organisations so the values are shared with their partners to provide a starting point for them to create their own that reflect thier organisations and what they hope to achieve when promoting dignity for all.

They suggest they could be used as a template for service users and staff to be involved in creating a set of values and behaviours that they believe will ensure that everyone is treated with respect.

Other resources include:

  • Promoting Dignity Via Communication Sheet
  • Learning Log - Learning from Experience

More information and downloadable copies of all these resources can be found at the first link below.

If your council has taken a similar or different approach please do tell us about it so we can share it widely with other Dignity Champions.