Revised 'Planning your future care' launched today on Dignity Action Day

Planning for your future care - a guide, outlines the issues people could think about if they wish to "think ahead". Published on Dignity Action Day (01.02.12), the guide provides practical advice on how they can engage in advance care planning (ACP) with health and social care professionals and their carers or family.

Eleanor Sherwen, national programme manager with the National End of Life Care Programme, said it was particularly appropriate the updated version of the guide was published on Dignity Action Day.

"When considering dignity in care it is vital that each individual has the opportunity to discuss what it is that is important to them. It is imperative that health and social care professionals are aware of what really matters to someone including where and how they would prefer to be cared for - only then can they deliver true person-centred, dignified care."

To read the full story and to download a copy of the guide please visit the End of Life Care website