Psychology of Abuse

Thank you to all those champions who came to the Oxfordshire Dignity and Dementia Champions' Network meeting on 16th June, when we had that brilliant presentation from Jane Ritchie on the Psychology of Abuse.

View the article Why do people do bad things? which she wrote back in December 2015.

Please note that because of the sensitive nature of the subject we would ask you to appreciate that some of the content does have the potential to cause distress and so if you wish to view, or share the article with colleagues, please consider all the implications carefully.

We finished the meeting with the showing of a video and song called "It wasn't meant to be like this" by Dom Collins (opens new window) who is donating a percentage of the proceeds from the song to the Alzheimer's Society (opens new window). To those of you that haven't yet heard about the video and song, please take a few minutes to enjoy it as everyone at the meeting thought it was wonderful.

Our thanks to Jane Ritchie and Sally Latham for this.