Prisoners get an hour of fresh air a day - an hour more than many care home residents

For many older people living in care settings, going out of the front door can be a rare event. Yet for prisoners in the UK it is a requirement that every individual spends one hour outside every day. Hardly surprising, then, that levels of depression are as high as 60% in care homes for people who are spending large parts of the day in the same chairs in over-heated lounges.

The NAPA Breath of Fresh Air Annual Challenge kicks off this Monday June 15th inviting care settings to open their doors and windows to new experiences including for those people who are physically frail or have dementia.

Last year's events included a 90 year old former farmer visiting a local farm and holding new born chicks, a group of residents star gazing at a cocktail evening in the garden and some older people joining in a sponsored car wash.

NAPA produces a helpful resource '101 Ways to enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air' and aims to raise awareness of the importance of activity at the heart of good care. For more information, go to the website linked below.