Press release from the National Dignity Council

The National Dignity Council is appalled by the findings of the Equality and Human Rights commission's study into the care of people in their homes.

It may be of little comfort to those who have had appalling care to know that others are getting far better support but, if the press only ever highlights bad care without commending those who do their job with love and compassion, a downward spiral is created with thousands of excellent staff resigning , leaving it harder than ever to find good people to replace them.

The National Dignity Council's, through its Dignity in Care campaign has now recruited over 35,000 Dignity Champions across the country. Their mission - to improve the way services are organized and delivered. We urge the media to report some of the countless examples of how their brilliant initiatives are transforming the care of the most vulnerable people in the community, so that others can learn from them.

Download the Nationa Dignity Council's full press Release below