Please Help us Make Sure our £50,000 is Spent Wisely

The Bright Ideas Grant (BIG) competition closes at noon on Thursday 18 March 2010. The top star rated ideas in the leaderboard to the value of £50K at noon will get the funding.

We need you to make sure they are the best ideas and not just people with lots of friends!

Please can you take 10 minutes to visit the site and use the star ratings (click on the stars under each ideas detailed description).

When star rating an idea think about the following then give it a star rating accordingly eg. a one star if you think the idea isn't new and is run of the mill or not really likely to help promote dignity and a five if you think this is something that if it does work could be picked up and used by many people:

  • Is this idea really trying and testing something new? Or does it already happen in lots of places?
  • Does this idea really help promote dignity in care?
  • Is this idea something you or other Dignity Champions could learn from?
  • Could others around the country benefit in the longer term if this idea goes ahead?
  • Is this really a BIG idea or just a way of plugging a shortfall in an existing service?
  • Does it provide value for money?

You can also sort the ideas by "Amount" and see if any of the low cost ideas might be worth a go.

Thousands of votes have been cast already and we really need your independent expert view as Dignity Champions to make sure the very best ideas win through.

Many thanks