Over 14,000 Dignity Champions

Dignity in Care is growing in a big way. The numbers of all you dignity champions increases everyday. Over the past couple of months we have seen the campaign grow with the amount of dignity champions now amounting to over 14,000, this is fantastic.

On Dignity Action Day we had over 500 people register with us, this was in only 24 hours, lets keep on pushing to get even more people to register and help us to promote Dignity in Care as best we can.

We would like to thank all of you that have registered with as and we urge you to encourage and inform more people about our campaign. Remember that we have resources on-line that you can download and distribute to colleagues, family and your community. You can also call us on 0207 9724007 for posters, 10 point challenge cards and other materials.

If you are not already registered with us and would like to, please follow the link below to become a registered dgnity champion.