North West Community Services Poem Challenge

At a Celebrations Event, which looked at dignity and involved a number of dignity champions, North West Community Services challenged their staff to write a peom with the focus on dignity. Here are three of the poems:

Dignity Champions poem - Jose De La Cruz

"I saw it in their manners

they did not see me today

although they said 'Hello'

they did not look my way.

They came so full of things

with problems from their world

that they forgot to leave behind

as soon as they crossed my door."

How long more shall I hear these words

and see their sadness as they complain,

as I work hard to excuse their wrong

and find a way to ease their pain.

They only ask for you to treat them

the way you would treat anyone.

A smile, a kind and gentle word

is what they wish, not a demand.

I advocate for people's rights

to be treated with dignity.

To condemn abuse in all its forms

I take it as my duty.

It is my pledge to stand for

any kind of mistreatment

I have to speak on their behalf

and ask for more commitment.

To me this is more than a job.

After I chose this profession

it soon became my way of life,

a fulfilling vocation.

I've dedicated my life to others

for that's what makes me a better man.

I would not have it any other way,

a Dignity Champion I am!

I am Still Here - Nichola Harwood

I am still here

Not over there

I may not talk

I still can hear

So please don't talk

As if I'm not

I am still here

I still can feel

So don't ignore

I have a name

Not just a number

Not Love, Honey or Dear

I am still here

And if I dribble when I eat

Not a bib a napkin please

A baby I am not

I still have rights

The same as you

I was like you once

Respect I need

So don't forget

I am still here

The Best Job For Me - Rebecca Whittaker

I love job, its perfect

It's not like all the rest

My days are always different

My job is the best

It's not like in an office

It's not like driving round

It's working with nice people

It makes me really proud

Days out to Blackpool

To holiday's in Spain

Seeing people's faces

Is my personal gain

I love to see the happiness

And the joy my job brings

Promoting independence and

Gaining special skills