News from our council members

Rekha reported that she had attended the International Longevity UK Conference – which was themed Longevity Dividend. It was an opportunity to network and she promoted NDC and its work wherever possible.

Quality Matters

Jan has attended two events and they are keen that we remain involved.

The BLOG will be released after this week, and Jan will send the link through. Kate Toroni and Rob Houghton were at the last QM Board and were keen that the activities of the Board should be more closely aligned with future agendas within the sector. The Group that we are a part of is producing outcomes and is therefore likely to continue.

The BLOG with CQC was postponed due to the election, but Sue Howard is very keen to remain involved and has agreed to be our contact person, and will be wearing the heart badge. It is hoped that the BLOG will come out in January, and will include some of the work around protocols that has been done with the Outstanding Society.