News from Shropshire

An email from Janet O'Loughlin regarding her recent training experiences.

Good Afternoon,
I'm a volunteer for Healthwatch Telford and Wrekin I have recently been able to acquire Dignity training for the volunteers. The first was at our local hospital Princess Royal this training was good but more theory than practical.

Our latest was held by a Dignity trainer at a local residential home which was fun and practical it made us all think and ask questions. Each of us wore a different aid so that we could see how it was for the residents. I had extremely dirty glasses which I only managed to wear for 10 minutes as it felt so uncomfortable and I couldn't see properly, others had catheter bags (filled with juice), dirty bibs (clothes protectors) a clean towel over the shoulder (which are green and only used for drying your nether region), ripped nightie, and dirty clothes.

We all explained how it felt for us to be using the aids. This was an extremely good way to show how it feels for residents. This home goes the extra mile for their residents, the Dignity trainer Clare is very passionate about her role and is always looking for things to improve care. The cook has found food moulds for residents who can only eat soft foods so that the resident has a meal looking nearly the same as their peers. They have fish, chicken, sausage to name a few. The home offers training for not only their staff but agency staff and other organisations.

I think there are more Dignity trained people than the number quoted, as I'm sure people are not aware of signing up to become a Dignity Champion.

Our thanks go to Janet O'Loughlin for this email.