National Dignity Council respond to Patients Association report

The National Dignity Council , through its Dignity in Care campaign constantly demonstrates how action speaks louder than words But, as yesterday's report by the Patients Association highlights, it is not enough.

To date, the National Dignity Council's campaign has recruited over 35,000 Dignity Champions from across the country. They have all pledged to speak up about Dignity, to improve the way that services are organised and delivered. The network of champions communicate with each other through the forums on the website, they seek support from each other to challenge poor practice and share good.

Dignity is everyone's business, whatever you do, wherever you do it - do it with dignity. The Council's vision is 'Dignity in the heart, mind and actions,- don't just feel you have to do something about dignity ! don't just think you have do something about dignity, do it - take action!!!

We are simply asking everyone to give the gift of time to someone whose dignity may be compromised in some way. However small the gesture, your actions will make a real difference.

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The National Dignity Council

Dignity in our hearts, minds and actions

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