National Allotments Week - 9th to 15th August 2010

National Allotments Week is a week to promote the awareness and availability of allotments, both locally and nationally, and to show the public and the local authorities the strength of support and interest for the heritage of allotment culture.

Amateur gardeners and Allotment Associations are being called on to successfully raise further the profile of allotment gardening, by supporting National Allotments Week. National Allotments Week is now promoted by the National Allotment Gardens Trust in partnership with the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. The initiative, in the second full week of August, aims to promote awareness of allotments, both locally and nationally.

Some dignity champions are already involved with growing co-operatives or allotment associations in their area, or have expressed an interest in growing food both for and with service users after some initiatives which went forward as part of the Big Lunch initiative this summer.

The National Allotment Gardens Trust wishes to encourage as many gardeners as possible to support the initiative as possible, and to promote the social benefits of allotment gardening, which include benefits to health, education and community well-being. The initiative is also designed to highlight the benefits of allotment gardening and allotment culture to councils across the United Kingdom which are at present not providing, or not presently able to provide, this invaluable community resource

By promoting allotment gardening, the National Allotment Gardens Trust says:-
....'the public will see the benefits of growing vegetables, fruit and flowers for both eating and exhibiting. The Society believes that this will help to promote gardening, vegetable-growing and consumption as part of a healthy pursuit and lifestyle...'

For local events and initiatives, or just to get more information, please see the National Allotment Gardens Trust website below.