NHS staff say its a rewarding place to work

Approximately 160,000 employees gave feedback on their experiences of working in their individual NHS organisations.

The survey again reveals improvements for NHS staff in many areas. The survey continues to reinforce that the NHS is a rewarding place to work, with high job satisfaction and nine out of ten staff reporting that their job makes a difference for patients. Benefits for patient care are also reported, most clearly seen in the significant improvements in hand-washing and infection control.

There is always room to improve and the survey highlights that more needs to be done so that all staff benefit from effective team working, access to meaningful appraisals, a safe and secure working environment and that senior managers seek feedback from and involve their staff.

Where it counts

For NHS organisations, the staff survey has never been about national findings but improving the NHS locally. Leaders should use their survey findings to make a positive difference for their staff based on what their staff are telling them.