NAAPS Homeshare Practice Guide

NAAPS offers membership to individuals and families delivering Shared Lives and other very small community services, to the organisations established to support their work and to those involved in Homeshare. NAAPS provides:
  • Information, advice, support and training to new and existing members
  • A forum within which issues that impact upon Shared Lives, Homeshare and other small community services can be identified and addressed
  • A national voice and representation with legislators and regulators
  • Access to products and services tailored to members' needs and requirements

Launched in 2006, the Homeshare Practice Guide outlined key steps for an effective Homeshare Programme. Since 2006, NAAPS have worked in partnership with two local authorities, West Sussex and Oxfordshire, to establish two new Homeshare programmes with the aim of piloting the Practice Guide and testing out the Homeshare model. The pilot programmes have been evaluated resulting in a revised edition of the Homeshare Practice Guide 2009 which is available on the website, please use the link below.