Mental Health - It's everyone's business!

On World Mental Health Day, the National Dignity Council urges everyone to consider the ways in which they can help improve perceptions around mental health, giving it greater parity with physical health issues and the importance it deserves. You can make a real difference. Often the simple steps of treating someone with Dignity, as a human right, taking time to listen and making someone feel valued can improve their well-being and ultimately their mental health.

Research has shown that since 2014 more people are accessing Mental Health services. Today it is likely that just over one in three of us will make some use of mental health services. There is a clear link between chronic physical ill health and mental ill health. This is an issue that will touch all of us, at some stage in our lives, men and women, rich and poor. The National Dignity Council hopes that everyone will champion dignity and respect for those with mental health issues, not just for one day, but for the years to come.

The National Dignity Council Dignity Dos can help anyone in joining the 74,000 Dignity Champions to work to promote dignity and challenge the stigma and discrimination that surround those with mental health issues. Without Dignity and understanding those with mental health issues will be less able to cope with what can be a very disabling condition. Take action now - it costs nothing but your time to become a Dignity Champion and help.